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Welcome to our company

At Crazy Hippos, we do everything from branding to advertising to marketing. Anything that requires brainstorming or strategizing, we are all ears and dive deep in to arrive at the perfect campaign that has maximum ROI. With years of experience under our belt and few of the industry experts on our side, we have the perfect cheat sheet to produce results. Love us or hate us – You will need us to get you the spotlight!

it’s no Big Talks, it’s only Big Minds At Play!

– RK –

We Are Not That Crazy

We are basically a bunch of people who loves building brands. We have unique interest and talents but when we get together, we have an unbreakable bond that is meant to last.

How We Build A Brand

One might wonder what’s so great about it, put up a logo and pitch in a tagline – you are all set but we beg to differ. Every project we take up has a unique story behind it. We love to transcribe it into a story to build their brand image, this way we not only give life to their brand but also the required substance to make it last forever.

What’s In A Story

If you already have a story, then why will you need us to brand you? Let’s assume you sell chocolate chip cookies and you got into the business after running a bakery for over a decade, how will you tell the story? Thinking… Well maybe you will rephrase the first sentence a little differently and state a boring lifeless story, which will never sell. Period.

How Will We Craft The Story In Crazy Hippos

A hardworking baker who wakes up everyday at 4am to bake amazing cookies that were cost-efficient and simply melts in people’s mouth. Even though his customers love it, he never really got the true attention he deserved. There were various average cookies that were selling well and gaining fame, just because they are backed up with fancy names. That’s when the baker realized, he needs to do something drastic to standout and create a name for himself. He pooled in all his savings and the famous cookie was thus born. The END. It’s not the story that defines a brand, it’s how it’s portrayed that matters. From the logo designs to the social media marketing, your story will be the core source of inspiration for all content generated. You not only get an audience for your story but loyal customers who will be by you forever.

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