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    SEO is an abbreviation for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It is a practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

    You basically make Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other popular search engine your best friend. Now these ‘best-friends’, i.e, search engines, will make sure that your website appears right in the front of people who have searched for a product or service that you offer. Through SEO, you are making yourself the first option of the customers by appearing in front of them first.

    Does Your Brand Really Needs SEO?

    Staying ahead of your competitors in today’s crowded online world is difficult, don’t you think? A pretty challenging endeavour.

    Regardless of the quality of your website, if it is not engaging your customer or even driving traffic -- it is basically worthless.

    You, just like everyone else, must be focusing on increasing traffic and maximising your business potential. If you are, then SEO services are for you!

    Its is the tendency of common consumer to click on what comes first. Thus if you are available on the top of search result page, your website has more chances of getting a visitor which increases your chances of having more sales.

    SEO Process
    93% of your consumers won’t go further than the first page of Google!

    Our SEO Process

    SEO-Research and Goal Setting Research and Goal Setting

    First we will analyse your market position. We run a head to head comparison with your top competitors to identify opportunities for growth in every dimension.

    SEO-Website Audit Website Audit

    We will perform a website audit where we will evaluate the search engine friendliness of your website in a number of areas such as analytics to review keyword performance, content strategy, page titles, meta description, etc.

    SEO-Keyword ResearchKeyword Research

    New keyword phrases and page content will be recommended for your approval based on selected target audiences, direct internet competition, tracking reports, and research of popular search words for your target audience.

    SEO-Off-page Optimization Off-page quality check

    A thorough check will be done on your existing website backlinks, blog submissions, anchor texts, forum signatures, article directories, comments and reviews etc and how well they are performing.

    SEO-On-page Optimization On Page-Optimization

    Here we will optimize different parts of your website that affects your website rankings. It's the stuff that we have control over and we can change like headings, title tags, URL structure, content etc

    SEO-Off-page process Off Page-Optimization

    Here we will focus on increasing the authority of your domain through getting links from other website i.e, creating backlinks. People will land on your web page through different websites.

    SEO-Social Link Building Social Link Building

    There is no option of avoiding social media platforms when it comes to digital marketing. In our SEO process we will focus on enhancing your social media presence by providing engaging creatives that will lure in the potential customer to your site. Through engaging copy and creative designs, we will communicate to masses on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

    SEO-Content Building Content Building

    Our writing experts will create a complete SEO friendly content for your website. When your customer searches for a product, they search through a keyword, that keyword must be strategically placed in the content present in your website. This is how search engine will filter you as their search result-- if you have exactly what your customer is searching for.

    " With more than 80% of people conducting online research before purchasing a product or hiring a service provider, it is evident that digital marketing represents the most important form of advertising.-- Adweek "


    We are one of the most trusted SEO Company in Chennai who has in-house experts, content strategists, developers and writers who will maximise your business reach through strategies that work the best for your company. We have been taking care of SEO process for many companies in different domains. We have run campaigns on social media. PPC ads and much more when it comes to complete Digital Marketing Services. It is not just the experience we offer but legit proven strategies that has yielded fruitful results.

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