Website Design

With every passing generation comes a new, quicker and easier way to get things done. The Internet is here to stay and has become a primary source for entrepreneurs who seek to boost the awareness and credibility of their business ventures. At Crazy Hippos, we help our clients to establish a powerful online presence, providing all-round support ranging from Web Design, Web Development, E-Commerce, Device Friendly designs.

Web design Company in Chennai
Web Designing

Having a trendy, beautiful and functional website plays a vital role in building your brand’s image. It also serves as a virtual office where prospective clients can get a deeper insight into your company. At Crazy Hippos, we feed on our client’s imagination to help create unique website designs ranging from Static, user-friendly themes to Dynamic, quirky themes.

Web Development

At the heart of every website lies an interface that keeps it ticking. This interface ensures that your website provides a fast, seamless and bug-free experience. We use only the best CMS platforms to develop and manage websites. CMS also provides our clients room for customization and easy remodeling of any web page within the site. A big advantage of CMS is its support towards SEO-friendly URLs. Giving us a window to help boost your website’s rating on top search engines.

E-commerce Website Development

Online shopping is now an everyday task for consumers. We help our clients build a niche e-commerce site where their consumers can have a rich shopping experience. To achieve this, we prioritize the development of a simplistic and functional user-interface that helps consumers get what they desire without any hiccups.

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